Mr. Catt

Mr. Catt’s starry journey begins! Follow the footsteps of Mr. Catt and solve every star puzzles with wisdom and magic! Get helps from friends of Mr. Catt and journey the fantasy universe, make a wish!


  • Mr. Catt is a brand new Match-3 puzzle game!
  • Clear all the stars on board to solve the puzzle.
  • Gain power-ups such as Meteor and Thunder by jumbo clear more than 3.
  • 300+ stages to challenge!
  • Make a wish, join the fantasy, find the White, solve the puzzle!
Game Type: Match-3 Puzzle Advanture

Zombie Hazard

Shoot tons of bloody cute zombies and defend your home! Tons of zombies are coming… Can you protect your home and survive…? Zombie Hazard is a bloody cute action shooting game. Select weapons to shoot incoming zombies! Upgrade weapons and buy extra ammo to increase firepower! Simply tap the zombies to shoot them before they attack your home. Just wipe them out as fast as possible!


  • Free to play, easy and fun.
  • Intense battle. Shoot them up!
  • Many bloody cute enemies.
  • Play normal game or survival game.
  • Various GUN and BOMB weapons!
  • Play on your phone and tablet!


  • Unlock new weapons in the game.
  • Buy extra ammo and shoot them up!
  • Find and attack zombies’ weak points for massive damage.
  • Select the appropriate weapon to fight against zombies.
  • Upgrade your weapons to increase firepower!
  • Complete achievements to earn rewards!
Game Type: Tower Defense & Shooting

Lazy Linkr

LazyLinkr is a casual and fun brain puzzle game full of animals. The rule of LazyLinkr is very easy to understand. Players have to find the matching animals on the screen and connect them to clear the board as soon as possible. Let’s have a great time with all these funny and cute animals. Two kinds of game modes.
  • Time mode – Complete all kinds of scenarios with different challenges in 100 seconds.
  • Classic mode – Scan at least three entire boards with no empty spaces in limited time.


  • Players can play at anywhere and anytime.
  • Fast matching to start FeverMode, the scores will be doubled!
  • Three kinds of useful tools for players to get high scores.
  • Quest and Achievement system with lots of rewards
  • More than 60 kinds of animals available.
Game Type: Matching

Super String Girls

Game Type: Card & Strategy

Karate Gira

Game Type: Running & Fighting